How To Avoid Potential Pitfalls While Planning Your Home Additions | Kensington, MD

If you've been thinking about adding some home additions, you should do some research and take as much time as you need to consider your project from start to finish before you begin.  Many homeowners, in the excitement of it all, get in too much of a hurry and jump in head first before thinking about exactly what it is they want and need from their home addition. 

Here are a few steps you should take before you begin your home addition project.

1.  The first thing you should do is determine what you need and exactly how the space is going to be used.

2.  Think about how your addition will look when it's finished.  Will it blend in with your existing house and your neighborhood?  You don't want to make it so big that it becomes too big for your lot.  Additionally, you don't want it to be overbuilt for your existing neighborhood.  Otherwise, you will lose the return on your investment.


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