4 Easy Home Renovations for Renters | Georgetown

Renting an apartment is a great value. Maintenance is just a phone call away, and you have no worries about gardening, roof replacements and the other problems that homeowners fret about so frequently. When you get bored with the look of your space, you even have the option of undertaking some home renovations to change things around a little. There are four easy renovation tips for renters that do not require landlord approval and really shake things up. 

Paint the Furniture

Dark furniture makes your space look smaller. Even when you have plenty of natural light coming in, the dark wood of the dining room table, the bookshelves and the side tables creates the optical illusion of a small space. Adding lighter wood stains or lighter paints to the mix is an ideal solution. Using a whitewash instead of a dark oak color will almost immediately turn your apartment into a space with an open feel.

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