3 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Spring Landscape Maintenance | Rockville MD

Similar to how your yard has four seasons to grow and to rest, it also has four distinct seasons for landscape maintenance. Each action you perform on your yard is contingent upon what sort of tree, shrub, or plant that resides. So once the first official date hits where frost is no longer a threat, here are tips to get your yard in tip top shape for some springtime landscaping. 

Geography Matters 

Here in Maryland, we are mostly 6b on the USDA hardiness map. This means you should be considerate of the types of plants that thrive in this area, their lifespan, and whether they are annuals, perennials, or biennials, not to mention how they will do once the weather changes. Also, choose plants appropriate to how much sun/shade they need depending on where in your yard they will be planted. 

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