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Landscaping, no matter how extravagant or simple will give any yard curb appeal and add some value to the property, as well as the neighborhood. Landscaping can be a full time job in itself, which is why there are so many landscaping companies, but for homeowners who like to tackle their own landscaping there are a few ways to minimize the landscaping effort but still have a great looking yard.

Minimize the Lawn Area 

Lawn care takes up a great deal of time and, in addition to mowing there is, fertilizing, watering, and every once in a while it might be necessary to aerate the lawn to breathe some life back into the grass roots. Landscape maintenance can be minimized by downsizing the lawn area and planting slow growing grass in the established lawn areas. To further minimize landscape efforts establish vegetated planting areas, other than lawn, along with a patio and walkways.


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