Do You Need a Replacement Door After the Polar Vortex? Why Steel and Fiberglass Will Help Next Winter – Perry Hall MD

Have you been a victim of the long-running Polar Vortex snow and ice storms this winter? After all of that vicious winter weather, you may be in need of a replacement door if you’re still using an old door several decades old. If you have a door that old, you’ve likely noticed your heat bill was exponentially higher during the Polar Vortex storms. Also, if your door is overly old, it’s likely made of wood. It’s proof wooden doors aren’t suitable any longer for saving you money during harsh winters.

Here at ClearView Window & Door, we want to educate people on the benefits of both steel and fiberglass replacement doors. If Polar Vortex storms become more prevalent in the future, you’re going to be glad you have either one of the above to save you money on heat bills and future maintenance.

Steel Replacement Doors

Your immediate advantage of having a steel door is in its durability compared to wood. Wooden doors are going to absorb moisture during storms of the Polar Vortex variety or through basic rain.

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