Steam Punk Decor and Beer Geeks Unite!


For those who enjoy the hard, cold look of industrial steal and have an affinity for brew, this piece of furniture will make a fine addition to any living room, family room, or man cave!

Always looking for something that compliments my inner brewer, I came across this lamp on Etsy and couldn't be happier. From the seller "Peared Creation":

"This lamp is constructed from industrial style black iron piping. The vintage bottle is firmly secured by custom rubber gaskets that grasp the bottle without causing damage. A low wattage bulb is used to illuminate the vintage amber bottle producing a warm ambient light. A rotating faucet handle serves as a switch to turn the light on and off - a new feature we are excited about! Power is supplied by a retro style cloth covered lamp cord and plug."

At a pricy $130, some may balk at the idea of shelling out so much for a lamp. But, you can't help but appreciate beautiful design and originality. And this table lamp has both in copious amounts. 

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