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Many kitchen remodeling projects live or die based upon upgrading appliances, but with so many other aspects of renovation to consider, it is worth asking if you really need a new refrigerator, range or oven. Perhaps by not upgrading, you will have more money to splurge on more stylistic design elements like countertops, flooring, cabinets and more. On the other hand, you don't to blow your budget on style when you may really need to upgrade those large appliances. Before finalizing your kitchen remodeling budget, make a solid effort to determine if appliance upgrades are the best way to spend your money.  



Side-by-side refrigerators are often one of the centerpieces of a kitchen remodeling plan, but they may not really be as desirable as you think. When measuring for a side-by-side replacement, make sure you will have enough space for people to easily get around in the kitchen when both doors are wide open. Also keep in mind that some side-by-side refrigerators may not be wide enough to handle items like like extra-large pizza boxes, serving platters or even a big Thanksgiving turkey. A family that thrives on refrigerating fast food and leftovers and only cooks meals a few times a week might want to consider upgrading to a refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom, thus allowing easier access to the space you use most. 



Kitchen remodeling gives you the opportunity for a large appliance upgrade that makes cooking more efficient. If you currently have oven built into the wall with the range located elsewhere, then take advantage of kitchen remodeling to upgrade to a freestanding oven/range combination that improves the efficiency of the kitchen work triangle.  Upgrading your oven during kitchen remodeling may be advisable if you currently have an electric oven and prefer working with a gas oven or vice versa.


This large appliance may be deemed worthy of an upgrade as part of your kitchen remodeling plan if currently cook on an electric range and prefer the precision of cooking with gas. Another good reason for upgrading the stove as part of your kitchen remodeling dream is if you use the stovetop to fry a lot and have grown sick of the mess it makes. In this case, definitely take a look at glasstop ranges that make cleaning up messes much easier. Those with much older stoves would want to seriously contemplate the cost of upgrading to a more contemporary model of this large appliance with features like a built-in warming drawer or warming burner.


Just about everyone who considers kitchen remodeling thinks of upgrading their dishwasher. Inefficient cleaning may just mean you need to troubleshoot the dishwasher you already have or it may be a sign of dirtier dishes to come. On the other hand, a dishwasher running so loudly that it forces you to turn up the volume on the TV in your bedroom on the other side of house is one almost definitely due for replacement. Dishwashers manufactured today are significantly quieter than those made in the 20th century. Older dishwashers are also energy vampires and upgrading this kitchen appliance can potentially start saving you money on your power bills immediately.

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