The Top 5 Must-Haves for Remodeling Your Luxury Kitchen | Arlington VA

It has been said for years (and it's true!) the kitchen is always the heart of any home. It's where dinners are created, gatherings end up, and parties evolve to. So making sure that your kitchen is up-to-date and full of innovation is important.

Planning on upgrading to the highest quality? Here are 5 kitchen remodeling must-haves for a luxury design.

1. Exotic Countertops 

Not granite. Granite is out (for now). What is in is exotic woods and veneers. Consider upgrading your countertops to zebrawood, African mahogany, lyptus, and teak instead. Add a tiled backsplash and say goodbye to the old and outdated.

2. Wall Ovens

Over the last several years ovens have come a long way. They are smaller, more economical, have better cleaning functions, are ergonomic and sometimes come with wireless control. Want to set your oven to come on while you're at work? Hook it up to your home network and you can have pot roast the minute you walk in.

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