Green Home Building: Planning a Kitchen So Green it's Almost Wicked | Chevy Chase, MD

The ultimate goal of all green home building efforts is total sustainability combined with energy distribution so efficient that your home is featured on wanted posters inside the offices of the power company. That may not be in any way feasible, but you can always work on greening up other parts of the house later if you start with a plan for making a single room as green as it can be. If that room is going to be the kitchen, here are some suggestions for getting close to the ultimate shade of green.


Green home building means a fresh start with brand new appliances. Don't repeat the mistakes of the past. Choose a refrigerator that is not just energy efficient, but is the right size to meet your needs. Situate it so that no direct sunlight falls upon it while ensuring that the location provides for air circulation around the condenser coils.


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