A Custom & Personal Kitchen Remodel

Anyone who has ever bought or sold a home knows that kitchens and bathrooms are the focal points of any home. Even a perfectly gorgeous, spacious home in a prime location, will often be passed over if the kitchen and bathrooms are too small, or simply outdated. Rather than merely tolerating your antiquated kitchen while dreaming of something more modern, consider Smith Thomas & Smith for your remodeling needs.

A kitchen is more than just a room in a house where food is prepared. Ask any adult what they remember about growing up in their parents' home, and you're likely to receive responses from baking cookies with mom, to sharing events from each other's day around the dinner table. Often, memories are centered around food, be it a holiday meal, or simply an ordinary day like any other. Kitchens are created to be a warm, secure gathering place, and it's important to be comfortable enough in yours that you look forward to spending time there.

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