Söderhamn Sofa is Stylish and Deceptively Comfortable


In need of a couch to fill the void in my living room I turned to Ikea and found exactly what I was looking for.

My wife and I ended up choosing the deceptively comfortable Söderhamn sofa. At first glance, its flat surface looks no more comfortable than a stack of books. However upon further inspection, which included the obligatory butt test, the Söderhamn is surprisingly soft and allows you sink back in its cushions due to its deep-set design. 

We chose the 3 section sofa without the additional chase. It was delivered a couple days later and built on the day it was delivered (a recommended two-man job but was tackled by one eager woman without a hiccup).

If you're looking for a laid back couch for relaxing or entertaining I highly recommend the Söderhamn. To spice things up here are some other Ikea furniture that look great with the turquoise version of this couch:

  • Lack (high gloss grey)
  • Klöxhult (Picture, X-ray of peony)

  • Gåser (Rug, high pile, gray-blue)

Get your comfort on!