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There was a time when wall-to-wall carpeting used to the all the rage. We get it. Carpets are soft and make you feel at ease after a long day on hard surfaces. But, nowadays carpeting is too often coupled with the words "stains" and "cleaners". People have wised up and the trend in home renovations has become installing brand new, non-carpeted floors.

Your floor has been walked, stepped, and stomped on for years. Debris and dirt have slowly ground their way into places a vacuum cleaner cannot reach. There are even spots on your floor that will never come out. Instead of throwing your money away at steamers, cleaning ladies, and heavy-duty grocery store products, why not replace your flooring with what's trending in home renovations?

Laminate Floors

While hardwood floors are the most popular options in flooring, laminate designs have become a modern approach to home renovations because they provide the feel of hardwood for a mere fraction of the cost. Those considering hardwood should definitely take a look at laminate options. Friends and family will not be able to tell the difference between laminate and hardwood (unless someone gets nosey and asks). 

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