Why Regular Residential Landscape Maintenance is Important | Northern Virginia

The appearance of landscaping is vital to maintaining curb appeal. Landscaping is by no means a set it and forget it proposition. Plants must receive the proper care including watering, weeding and trimming to remain robust. Residential landscape maintenance can add as much as 14% to the resale of the home and speed up the selling process by as much as six weeks when it is time to sell, but that will only happen when the landscaping is well maintained and healthy.


Healthy landscaping contributes to a healthy ecosystem and works to reduce some of the adverse effects residential buildings have on the environment. Plants can be used to create wildlife habitats and gardens to be used as a food source. Plants are central to oxygenating the atmosphere and reduce atmospheric pollutants. Maintaining the optimum health of the plants through proper maintenance is the essential part of the equation to maintaining optimum environmental health.


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