Safety Tips to Implement for a Major Snowfall

What a storm we are about to see this weekend! Winter Storm Jonas will be sure to bring crippling snow to the Washington DC region as well as up and down the East Coast. After the aftermath, you will need to clear passage to your home or business by shoveling out the sidewalks. There is no set way to shovel snow, but we feel these tips will help your winter exercise session when clearing off your sidewalks.

Back Problems

Shoveling snow can take a toll on one's back if the proper tips are not taken:

  • Stretch prior to shoveling
  • Do not wait to shovel the entire snowfall
  • Do not push, rather lift the snow

Protect Your Heart

Do not push yourself too hard when shoveling out your property. Many people suffer heart attacks every year from shoveling. Some signs of a heart attack include shortness of breath, increased heavy breathing, and tightness in the chest. Also, if you own a snowblower, don't be afraid to use it. Know your limits!

Watch Your Step on Ice

One awkward landing is all it takes to send you to the hospital. When walking over ice, be sure to keep the center of gravity all on your front leg. Go slow and easy and you should be fine. Be cautious as well of black ice as it is nearly impossible to see.

With all the problems this weekend's snowfall is sure to bring, make sure you are prepared with these tips.

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Photo Courtesy of Flickr