Simple Window Well Drainage Keeps Your Basement From Flooding

Window wells are something that most homeowners never think about. After all, as long as they're fully functional there's no reason to give them a second thought. However, when these wells around your basement windows get flooded with rain water and runoff, it's only a matter of time until that water finds its way into your home. Fortunately, though, window well drainage is a relatively simple project that can be taken care of quickly.

The Path of Least Resistance

The key to making sure your house doesn't get flooded is to make sure there's always an easier path for water to take. Water doesn't think, it just goes where natural forces direct it. Which is why when a home has window wells, which are really just holes dug around lower windows on the house to let light in, water needs to have somewhere to go. If there's nowhere to go, then the water is going to seek out every crack or weak spot in a home so it can go even lower than it already is.

This is where drainage solutions come in.

In order to allow water to leave a window well, there has to be a drain. There's the window on one side, and a solid barrier on the other to make sure the soil doesn't collapse into the well. That leaves the floor of the well as the only escape point, which means it has to be modified to act as a drain. All that takes is a little bit of digging, and some gravel.

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