Landscaping our Nation's Greatest Landmarks

J&J Landscape Management, Inc. takes pride in landscaping some of our nation's most historic landmarks. J&J has been trusted to keep these national sites looking in pristine condition.

Past Projects

Over the years, J&J has been honored to landscape historic sites ranging from The White House to Arlington National Cemetery. Here is a list of landmarks and government sites they have landscaped:

  • Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington Virginia
  • The United States Soldier’s and Airmen’s Home National Cemetery, Washington DC
  • The White House, Washington DC
  • The City of Alexandria, Virginia
  • Arlington County, Virginia
  • The United States Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head, MD
  • The Central Intelligence Agency, Langley Virginia
  • The National Park Service, Washington DC
  • The United States Geological Survey, Reston Virginia
  • Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax Virginia

Governmental Landscape Maintenance

These are just a few government sites J&J has landscaped in the past. They take pride in their governmental landscape maintenance.

Please contact them for all your governmental, commercial, or residential landscaping maintenance needs.