The Benefits of Commercial Landscape Management

Landscape management is an important component of the daily operations of an effective business. Attention to detail is a necessity for any successful business, and a poorly maintained landscape can send the wrong signal to customers and clients, who look for signs of professionalism in all areas.

Here at J&J Landscape Management Inc., we are a dedicated team of landscaping professionals servicing a wide variety of shopping centers, office parks, mixed-use communities, apartment buildings, hotels, town home communities, and condominiums in Northern Virginia, providing unbeatable commercial landscape management that is guaranteed to leave a positive impression on customers, clients, and associates alike.

We take our business seriously. When you go with our services, you will receive reliable landscape services in a wide variety of areas, including:

Landscape Design and Installation Landscape Maintenance Spring and Fall Cleanups Grading and Drainage Snow and Ice Management Landscape Design and Installation

Are you searching for an eye-catching look for the exterior of your business, but aren't sure what to choose? When you go with us, we will work with you to develop an effective landscape design that suits your needs, taste, and budget. With 20 years of experience in the field, we have all the knowledge and expertise needed to provide you with excellent landscaping advice so that you can make the most appropriate landscaping choice available. Once we have worked together to develop a plan, we will implement that plan with our excellent landscaping services.

Landscape Maintenance

One of the most challenging components of commercial landscapes is maintaining them. While commercial landscapes may look impressive for a period of time, we know that they are prone to deterioration and wear. If the landscape of your business is simply in need of regular maintenance, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is designed to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail that will match the detailed nature of your business.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

The seasons of Spring and Fall are seasons of great change in the environment and weather. From excessive amounts of pollen and budding flowers to fallen leaves, these two seasons can be the messiest times of year. Luckily, the team at J & J Landscape Management Inc. is happy to provide special Spring and Fall cleanups to ensure the cleanliness of your commercial landscape.

Grading and Drainage

Landscape grading and drainage is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of landscaping. Oftentimes it is tempting to simply install a few plants and trees and hope for the best. Those who do so are likely in for a rude awakening. In order to ensure the longevity and good health of your plants and trees, it is important to implement effective landscape grading, changing the shape of the earth to promote quality water flow and drainage. Grading and drainage has many benefits, including water control, overall cleanliness, and improved health of trees and plants. When you go with our services, we will ensure that you enjoy the benefits of a well-graded commercial landscape.

Snow and Ice Management

Even though Virginia features a relatively snow-free environment, snow will fall at least a few times a year, not to mention the more mountainous regions. Snow and ice can bring businesses to a full halt, impeding access and productivity. At J & J Landscape Management Inc., we are here to provide your business with effective and timely snow and ice management that is guaranteed to keep your walkways and parking lot free of this wintry weather, improving the productivity and accessibility of your business, even in the harshest times of the year.

When you go with our services here at J & J Landscape Management Inc., your business will enjoy all the benefits of a well-maintained and implemented commercial landscape that will leave an impression on clients, customers, and associates, improving the effectiveness of your overall business. Contact us today to learn more about our services.