Pay Attention To Wet Basement Walls

Perhaps your family spends a lot of time in your basement and you use it for bedrooms or recreation. Or maybe your basement is mostly used for extra storage. Either way the basement is an important part of your home.

A basement adds so much joy to the home, but it is also the area of the home most likely to cause problems for homeowners. If your basement were flooded tomorrow, what would you lose? What would be damaged?

You can help prevent a disastrous situation in your basement by paying attention to warning signs like wet basement walls. If any area of your basement is wet or even shows signs that it has been wet, like dark marks near where the wall meets the floor, or efflorescence, (a white powdery type substance that indicates you have some water and leakage issues,) it is time to contact a professional you can trust. Slowly leaking basements that aren't properly waterproofed can cause damage to your basement walls and to your foundation.

Please contact us to solve all your wet basement wall issues.