Chain saws are one tool that tends to get used most during the winter. When you’re done using your chain saw for the season, performing some simple maintenance on it first will ensure you are ready to begin using it right away again come fall.

Out of all power equipment for winter, a snowblower is obviously going to be used more than any other. Here at Lawn & Leisure, we sell some of the top names in snowblowers, and they've gone fast with winter weather gripping much of the nation. 

Have you ever thought about using your leaf blower in the wintertime? It may be something that sounds crazy when there's little around in the thick of winter to blow away. Others might find it crazier when they see yard workers using leaf blowers in the wintertime to blow away thin air just to look busy. 

An outdoor patio can turn any yard into an exciting entertainment venue. Patio pavers, whether brick stone or concrete, will add class, character and personality to any outdoor area. The key to the successful installation of patio pavers is a well compacted and level base. The most common type of pavers is concrete, brick and stone. Each type of paver has its own unique features and will add a finished look to any patio.

Add character to your backyard landscape via decorative rocks.  Whether as a rocky “buffer” between a sun porch and the yard, or as a garden accent between floral elements, rock come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, providing for a wide array of landscaping options.  Rose quartz, geodes, lava rock, and agates are just a few examples.

An aluminum fence is going to give you the illusion of a wrought-iron fence without having to worry about rusting. Along with a more affordable price, it's one reason why so many people use aluminum fencing when wanting the iron look surrounding their residential or commercial property. But aluminum fencing isn't going to be available all in one style or even size. You have to consider the materials on the fence as well as dealing with the problem of ground slopes.

Many homeowners take great pride in their landscaping. Even those who don't know anything about caring for their lawns understand the importance of taking proper care of it. Whether you don't have time to handle your landscape maintenance or you lack the expertise, hiring a landscape contractor can help you keep your yard looking great.

When preventing rusting on wrought iron gates, the fence should be regularly checked for oxidation, scratch marks, and indentations. Scratches and other similar forms of damage on the surface of the a paint job will allow moisture to seep through, and come into contact with the wrought iron surface, leading to its oxidation.

Looking for some helpful pointers on an upcoming bathroom remodel you have planned? There is nothing more satisfying for a homeowner than a successful remodeling project. Ensure your bathroom remodel goes smoothly and check out some of these tips.

Imagine what your yard would look like today following a tremendous rainfall such as the one which took place all over the East Coast yesterday if it were prepared with some of these drainage tips. It would probably be in better shape and you would not need to worry about any problems the storm left behind.

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