Getting involved in a home improvement project can be satisfying in many ways.

Letting light into your kitchen can change your experience when cooking or eating. HGTV's Rose Kennedy gives us Six Tips for Kitchen window treatments that can brighten up the mood.Heavy drapes are not a go-to in the kitchen. Look for simpler window coverings such as an upholstered cornice. 

A foyer is a very important part of  the home- it is the first thing people see when they step inside. Often times, design in the foyer is overlooked, and emphasis is placed on other parts of the house. For your next home design project, consider updating this crucial part of your living space with a few helpful hints from The Washington Post Home & Garden section. 

Trying to combine your space with a member of the opposite gender isn't easy. Many spaces will have either a masculine or feminine feel to them, and taking these looks out of a space can make a room look either empty or boring. You don't have to make your room completely yellow for it to be gender- neutral.

A pergola is a perfect solution for adding privacy and structure to your yard.

Interior designers and compulsive home decorators, it's time to grab your glue guns and your favorite pair of scissors and head over to Georgetown. According to the Washington Post, HomeGoods will be arriving in Georgetown this coming fall to residents looking to satisfy their diy and craft cravings.

Last month, HGTV's H. Camille Smith got the inside scoop on upcoming kitchen trends at the Kitchen and Bath Industry show. The show featured  design innovations and new technolgies that will catapult a kitchen into the 21st century. If you're looking to update your kitchen in the near future, these trends are a must read! 

Blueberry pies, blueberry pancakes, and yes, even blueberry beer! The anti-oxidant rich, mildly sweet, and forever-satisfying fruit can be used for just about any and all things that involve friends, family, and front porch relaxation.

Once again, the stubborn greenery is making a valiant attempt to disfigure your neatly-trimmed landscape.

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