5 Great and Easy Ways to Spruce Up a Small Bathroom | Chevy Chase MD

Towel Racks

Attaching multiple towel racks to the backside of door can be a great way to organize and add storage. Many home improvement stores sell multiples which makes it easy, and cost-effective, to achieve.


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Short-Term Solutions to Living with Long-Term Home Renovations | Mclean VA

  • Exterior Walls

Scrutinize all outside walls and trim for traces of marred clapboard, chipped bricks, broken shingles and bent siding. The exterior of the house is the only resistance you have against external forces impacting your dreams of renovation. Patch any cracks or holes in the stucco and repair or replace any parts of the exterior that is showing signs of wear. Eventually, your plan for total home renovations may allow for more extensive refinishing, but during the maintenance phase you just need to take steps from exterior walls making the renovation more work than necessary.

  • Windows

Address any windows that stick or are difficult to open or close. This could potentially be the result of decades worth of paint layers.  If opening or closing windows that stick result in further damage, replace broken sash cords or make modifications to cure the problem of binding. Caulking windows not properly insulated can help keep the interior of the home from experiencing further damage during renovations. 

  • Flooring

Refinish wood flooring and do whatever it takes to put an end to squeaky floorboards, steps or stairs as a necessary step in maintenance during the long process of completing all your home renovations. You can worry about redoing an entire floor later, but in the meantime any broken tile or ceramic flooring should be repaired or replaced. Waste no time in removing musty carpets and rugs because that smell will sink into any new items introduced into the home while renovations are taking place. 

  • Steam Heat

Older homes in need of renovations will often be a younger homebuyer's introduction to the world of houses heated by steam. Learn how to flush radiators while you decide whether or not to replace this steam heating system with a furnace system or space heaters and room unit air conditioners. Leaky radiators or radiators that continually make a banging should eventually be replaced either with a new radiator or an entirely new heating system, but in the meantime maintenance may be limited merely to learning how steam heating systems work. 

  • Roofing

Roofs should be inspected for loose, cracked or damaged shingles. A completely new roof may be part of your long term plans for home renovations, but in the meantime just make sure to replace any individual areas of disrepair. Don't forget to check that the metal flashing hasn't corroded, rusted, come undone or are otherwise suffered damage.

  • Doors

Replace or repair interior doors that stick or loosely swing open. Check around all doors leading outdoors for signs of inefficient weather-stripping. While replacing old doors with updated models may be on your list of things to do as part of your overall plan for home renovations, a short-term fix may be limited merely to the addition of insulating material.



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3 Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget | Arlington, VA

  • Refinish: Refinishing what is already there is less costly in terms of materials and labor than complete replacement. Bathtubs, counter tops, and even tiles, can be refinished. Feel free to paint your floor tiles, as one creative DIY-er chose to do as part of her renovation. A vanity can look brand new with just a faucet replacement. Acrylic or porcelain over steel tubs are a fraction of the cost of replacing your tub, and faster. A water-saver type of new toilet is not only inexpensive, it will both reduce your water use costs and help the environment. 
  • Choose the right paint color: For small rooms or bathrooms without good-size windows, a light colored paint will make your room feel more spacious. Large, window-lit spaces can be painted in darker, cozier colors. Be sure to use a paint that is formulated for bathroom use and resists mold and mildew.
  • Use domestic and less costly materials: No longer do we need to rely on expensive, imported marble flooring to make this space feel comfortable. As reported in HGTV, there are several good flooring options for bathrooms, with advantages and cautions for each one. Consider using domestically manufactured tiles for the bathtub or shower area, which are less costly than many imports. Add a large mirror and new, brighter lighting to make the room feel larger. 

Even those who prefer the DIY route may need to turn to an experienced hand for support. And relying on an experienced, dependable contractor may increase the return on your investment in the long run.

For an experienced, dependable contractor who is also local:

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