Utilizing a Small Outdoor Space

Just moved into a town home or a smaller house with limited space outside? If so, have you wondered how it is possible to create a great looking landscape design with this limited space?

Plan Out Your Design

Choosing the right colors, layout, and lighting can make or break your outdoor design. Also, for smaller yards, it is important to designate an area for storage to stow away hoses, bicycles, etc.

Plant Small Garden

  • Garden should display a similar style & scale to your home
  • Separate different features in differing zones
  • Design garden to make yard appear bigger

Outdoor Amenities

Highly consider placing an outdoor fire pit in your yard. A fire pit can be simply moved and produce a similar warmth & glimmer that a larger outdoor fireplace would provide.

Also, an outdoor kitchen is a superb idea to have installed. With limited space, only use what appliances you really need outside.

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Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia