Green Home Building has become a staple type of construction for the efficiency and environmentally friendly conscious across the U.S. When deciding to build your new home there are many considerations you and your contractor must make to not only keep it green, but make it comfortable as well. With careful planning and the use of some innovative construction products, you can build the green home of your dreams. 

When a job needs to be done right the first time, the Hopkins & Porter Handymen are available at the drop of a hat to assess, schedule, and complete all of those troublesome home repairs that need to be done, but are too much of a pain to deal with.

Vinyl tiles provide a great option for your kitchen's backsplash. What more could you want than a great looking kitchen and cost-effective remodel? Check out how to get this project going in your home!

At Hopkins & Porter, we’re dedicated to providing design-build services through our expert, residential architects in Chevy Chase, MD and the surrounding area.

Hopkins & Porter takes joy in what we do because we have a love for the design-build process, which leads to excellence, creativity, and elegance. 

Hopkins & Porter’s architectural services are far superior to the competition. This is because we believe a skillfully designed environment inspires both the clients and the people that build it. With that inspiration comes a healthy, open, and safe, working environment where people can feel acknowledged and appreciated. The end result is the customer’s goals and aspirations being brought to life.

Hopkins & Porter has been building a distinguished portfolio of award-winning custom homes. Check them out in the article!

Restoration of the five senses is accomplished by knowing gardens are for all five senses, not just sight. Then planning or designing the garden with each sense in mind. 

These plants will certainly provide some needed color for your landscape or patio in the white and snowy winter months. Why should winter ruin your chance to show off a gorgeous landscape? It should not!

While we have previously touched upon the benefits of driveway pavers, they are such a great option for driveway creation/replacement that it is not possible to go over all the benefits they provide homeowners with in just one blog post. Therefore, we will now expand on a few more of the numerous benefits this versatile driveway creation option provides.

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